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CLARYON International


Houston, United States of America
t | fax+1 (832) 304-1238


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CLARYON’s focus is to ultimately become the leader in complete, purpose-built, zero-emission drivetrain technology solutions. CLARYON is currently developing the CLARYON Advanced Drive System™ (ADS), a complete, zero-emission, all-electric drivetrain solution. CLARYON also offers advanced vehicle system integration consulting, engineering and design services. CLARYON’s strategic goal is to play a pioneering role in the 100% electric and plug-in hybrid electric vehicle market by offering an advanced approach for drivetrain technology solutions that promote new vehicle ideas, improve overall performance benefits and provide a total system cost savings courtesy of its advanced designs and patentable technologies. CLARYON is based in the United States, with its headquarters and technical center located in Houston, Texas.

CLARYON’s Advanced Drive System is a zero-emissions, 100% electric or hybrid electric drivetrain system that provides superior functionality using a “direct-to-wheel” design structure with modular capabilities for both the motor and the batteries. The ADS design brings the technology all together in a highly efficient and innovative design through the use of an intelligent interfacing system.

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Robert Paiva
CEO & Co-Founder at CLARYON International

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