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Supplier | Battery & BMS

Troy, MI, United States of America


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Delphi Battery Management Controller

Battery & BMS | 8 March 2011

Delphi's high-voltage/power battery pack controllers for hybrid and electric vehicles monitor and control the high voltage contactors within the battery pack’s bussed electrical center (BEC). Designe...

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Delphi is committed to offering hybrid vehicle manufacturers and consumers affordable power electronics. Delphi's innovative designs help increase performance, lower cost and resolve packaging challenges. The product range includes battery pack systems, controllers, power converters and inverters as well as stop/start systems.

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flash news

EPC and WiTricity develop wireless power transfer demo sy...

14 August 2012 | Green Car Congress
Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (EPC) and WiTricity have jointly developed a high-efficiency wireless power demonstration system utilizing the high-frequency switching capability of gallium nitride transistors....
flash news

As Electric Vehicles Take Charge, Costs Power Down

18 January 2012 | evwind
Thanks to a cost-sharing project with the DOE, GM has been able to develop the capacity to build electric and hybrid motors internally. That capacity has made electric cars like the upcoming Chevy Spark electric car. ...
IAA 2011: EV future as seen by suppliers

IAA 2011: EV future as seen by suppliers

21 September 2011
At the IAA 2011 international motor show, OEMs are revealing new electric models, with some already ready for commercialisation. But this would not have been possible without the different suppliers who have developed...
Guide to bring electric vehicles faster to UK

Guide to bring electric vehicles faster to UK

28 October 2010
To help prepare the imminent introduction of electric vehicles in the mass market, the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) published a 30 page guide to clarify a number of issues relating to the emerging...
A rush to wireless connection

A rush to wireless connection

27 October 2010
Wireless networks for electric vehicles. General Motors, Toyota and Ford managers agree on the need to set interoperability standards and are all very interested in the technology.
flash news

Wireless Charging Systems For Electric Vehicles Being Dev...

25 October 2010 | UberGizmo
While electric vehicles (EVs) are great eco-friendly modes of transportation, having to plug them in to juice up the battery is always a hassle. Of course, thanks to the advancement of technology, it might not become ...
flash news

Delphi's Wi-Fi? Cutting cord for EV charging

13 October 2010 | Automotive News
Delphi Automotive has been cutting its umbilical cord to General Motors ever since the parts maker was spun off from the automaker in 1999. In 2005, sales to GM still represented half of Delphi's business. But today, ...
flash news

Delphi Partnering with WiTricity to Develop Automatic Wir...

30 September 2010 | Green Car Congress
Delphi Automotive has reached an agreement with WiTricity Corp., a wireless energy transfer technology provider, to develop automatic wireless charging products for hybrid and electric vehicles. The collaboration betw...
flash news

Delphi Teams With ClipperCreek to Develop J1772-Compliant...

22 April 2010 | Green Car Congress
At the 2010 SAE World Congress in Detroit, Delphi Corp. announced that it and Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) provider ClipperCreek, Inc. have agreed to work together to develop, manufacture and sell SAE J177...
flash news

US: Delphi and ClipperCreek develop EV charging systems

15 April 2010 | Automotive World
Delphi is working with ClipperCreek to develop, produce and sell charging systems for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Delphi brings experience in engineering and manufacturing electrical/electronic distribution ...

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