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Battery & BMS | 10 April 2011

Comprised of the GP45EVLF cells, the 10/GP45EVLF module is sturdy constructed module readily adaptable to multiple applications. The overall construction lends itself for system customization from the...

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EVB Technology (HK) Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of GP Batteries International Limited, specializes in the manufacturing of Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) and Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries for electric mobility, heavy duty industrial and power storage applications. The company's manufacturing flexibility and 17+ years of experience collaborates with its customers' vision from prototype to commercial acceptance.

EVB Technology (HK) Limited has 1 article in our system.

EV Battery Forum: Battery leasing and car sharing to expa...

10 November 2011
The 4th EV Battery Forum organised by Dufresne on 7-9 November 2011 in Shanghai brought together more than 110 experts to discuss current problems and latest trends related to EVs, batteries and charging infrastructur...

EVB Technology (HK) Limited has 3 members in our system.
Ming Chu
Business development manager at EVB Technology (HK) Limited
Ivan Tang
Project Engineering Assistant Manager at EVB Technology (HK) Limited
Kevin Yiu
Business Development Director at EVB Technology (HK) Limited

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