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Karma Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle

Electric Vehicle | 4 March 2011

The Fisker Karma is a plug-in hybrid luxury sports sedan. It is the first car from Fisker Automotive, a joint venture of Quantum Technologies and Fisker Coachbuild, LLC.

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Fisker Automotive is a green American premium sports car company with a mission to create a range of beautiful environmentally friendly cars that make environmental sense without compromise. The concept was created between two independent companies who clearly wanted to make a difference in not only the automotive industry, but to the environment as well. Fisker Coachbuild, LLC and Quantum Technologies announced this joint venture partnership in September 2007. Fisker Coachbuild will provide exclusive design services for Fisker Automotive while Quantum Technologies (QTWW - a publicly traded company) will provide the latest technological advancements. Each car will feature cutting-edge plug-in hybrid penned as Q DRIVE exclusively for all Fisker Automotive vehicles.

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Exclusive Interview with Bernhard Koehler, COO Fisker

Exclusive Interview with Bernhard Koehler, COO Fisker

12 November 2009
Just after Fisker Automotive announced a purchase of a former GM plant in Delaware, USA, has talked to Bernhard Koehler, Chief Operating Officer, about Project Nina, expected competition in the midsize PHEV...
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Tesla CEO Has "Reservations" About Rival Fisker's Feasibi...

9 November 2009 | earth2tech
About 16 miles down the turnpike in Delaware from the old General Motors where startup Fisker Automotive plans to build an upcoming plug-in hybrid vehicle, Elon Musk, CEO of rival Tesla Motors, yesterday told an audie...
USA provides $3.4 billion to electrify transportation

USA provides $3.4 billion to electrify transportation

28 October 2009
US President Obama has announced to modernise the nation's electric power system by funding smart grid technologies and projects with a total of 3,4 billion US dollar. Together with massive funds for hybrid and electr...
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Fisker Set to Buy GM Plant to Build Low-cost Plug-in Elec...

27 October 2009 | earth2tech
If there’s one thing to be said about plug-in hybrid vehicle developer Fisker, it’s that the young startup moves quickly. A month after securing a $528.7 million loan from the Department of Energy, Fisker is reporte...
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A Long Bet on Electric Cars

2 October 2009 | BusinessWeek
The Obama Administration is eager to establish a green auto industry and is willing to spend money to make it happen. So far the U.S. Energy Dept. has agreed to lend $8.5 billion to help companies large and small reto...
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Myers’ Mainstream Electric Vehicle Ambition: Add a Seat

25 September 2009 | earth2tech
There are two strategies that new electric-vehicle makers commonly use to enter the market with ambitions to go mainstream: start at the high end and move lower, or aim at a niche market that requires less performance...

Fisker receives $529 million from US government funds

23 September 2009
The Californian car maker Fisker, known for its luxury advanced vehicle technology, has received the official approval from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) for a conditional loan of 528,7 million dollar to develop...
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Fisker Eyes Mass Production, DOE Funds & 2011 Profits...

18 September 2009 | earth2tech
Less than a year ago, electric car startup Tesla Motors took a gamble that funding or loan guarantees from the Department of Energy would come through for the Model S sedan manufacturing plant, a project that would be...
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Fisker About To Announce $39K Plug-In Hybrid?

16 September 2009 | AllCarsElectric
Ray Lane, whose venture capital firm is a major investor in Fisker automotive, let slip on Tuesday that Fisker is gearing up to announce a new, $39,000.00 plug-in hybrid vehicle sometime within the next two weeks. ...
IAA - EV Review: VW, Fisker, Tesla, Brabus

IAA - EV Review: VW, Fisker, Tesla, Brabus

16 September 2009
At the Frankfurt Motor Show, the range of electric vehicles covers all needs and wallet sizes. While Volkswagen is presenting its world premiere, the small city car e-up, Fisker and Tesla are showcasing their luxury s...

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Communications Director at Fisker
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Sales Analyst, Public Policy and Incentives at Fisker

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