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Leyden Energy

Supplier | Battery & BMS

94538 Fremont, CA, United States of America


Leyden Energy has 1 product in our system.
Leyden 42V 1.7kWh Li-Ion Battery Pack

Battery & BMS | 8 March 2011

Leyden Energy's high power battery pack is built using their cutting edge patented High Temperature cells utilizing a highly stable Lithium Imide chemical design. The 42V Li-Ion pack has 1.7kW capacit...

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Leyden Technology provides all the safety and performance of Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries yet features higher energy density 225 Wh / Kg and >400 Wh / l. Leyden's unique cell technology demonstrates the longest run time and superior cycle life for more than 1000 cycles while maintaining excellent performance in high heat environments continuously up to 60°C.

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