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UQM Technologies


Frederick, CO, United States of America


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PowerPhase® 75 Motor / Generator

Battery & BMS | 8 March 2011

Key Features: • 240 Nm peak torque • 75 kW peak, 45 kW continuous motor power • 75 kW peak, 41 kW continuous generator power • Full Power at 240-420 VDC • EV/HEV traction drive or HEV star...

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High voltage DC-to-AC inverters with continuous output ratings of three kilowatts and five kilowatts. The high-efficiency inverters, which have an output efficiency of up to 93 percent, convert input voltages ranging from 250 to 450 volts into a nominal output voltage of 120 volts AC (60 hertz) at a continuous output current rating of 25 and 42 amperes, respectively. Each inverter is a compact 15 inches long, 9 inches wide and 4 inches tall and weighs only 25 pounds. Additional product features include controller area network (CAN) control and diagnostics, digital signal processor (DSP) control, true sine-wave output, high inrush load capability, under-voltage protection and CISPR 25 Class 3 EMI compliance. The inverters are designed for use onboard electric, hybrid electric and fuel cell vehicles to convert high voltage DC power stored in vehicle batteries to high quality AC export power. The installation of an inverter on a vehicle permits the vehicle operator to plug-in a wide range of AC equipment such as power tools, welders, garden tools and various appliances in over-the-road truck sleeping compartments.

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