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Xtreme Power


78640 Kyle, Texas, United States of America
t | fax+1-512-268-8191


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Founded in November 2004, Xtreme Power (XP) designs, engineers, manufactures, and operates integrated energy storage and power management systems, called Dynamic Power Resources™ (DPR™), for Independent Power Producers, Transmission and Distribution Utilities, and Commercial & Industrial End Users, among others. The DPR™ offers more than just the ability to time-shift power, but also the opportunity to utilize the fast-responding and configurable digital system to simultaneously perform many services demanded by the energy market. For this reason, customers can respond to an ever-changing market while extracting the most value out of the same proven XP technology. Headquartered in Kyle, Texas, XP manufactures at multiple, US locations. The rapidly expanding Company also has representation in Austin, Texas; Maui, Hawaii; Houston, Texas; Washington, D.C.; and Chicago, Illinois. XP's experienced management team collectively has over 125 years of experience in the energy and clean-tech industries. Its Board of Directors is comprised of former energy and environmental authorities, and its strategic investors bring expertise in everything from supply chain to project execution.

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