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Past Events


2nd International Smart Grid Expo

Trade Fair | 29 Feb. 2012 - 2 Mar. 2012 | Tokyo, Japan
Japan's largest Smart Grid exhibition and conference attracting industry professionals from around the world. Update you with the latest technologies and services related to Smart Grid at the exhibition hall...

5th EV Battery Tech: Global Cost Reduction Initiative

Conference | 28 Feb. 2012 - 29 Feb. 2012 | London, United Kingdom
The mission of the EV Battery Tech: Global Cost Reduction Initiative series is to improve the cost performance ratios of battery system materials and technology by analysing the latest materials, chemistry, ...

EURELECTRIC's Energy Roadmap 2050: Empowering Europe!

Meeting | 27 Feb. 2012 | Brussels, Belgium
This event, bringing together high-level energy experts and key policymakers, will take stock of the European Commission proposal and identify the challenges ahead for our sector, investigating how they will...

International Green Vehicle Congress 2012

Conference | 26 Feb. 2012 - 29 Feb. 2012 | Hong Kong, Hong Kong
The International Green Vehicle Congress 2012 will be held on Feb 26th-28th 2012 in Hong Kong and post-conference site tour to Shenzhen on Feb 29th. This year the event is consist of 3 featured parts, in...


Conference | 23 Feb. 2012 - 24 Feb. 2012 | Shanghai, Republic of China
According to MIIT Telematics has been listed as one of the major project in China during the 12th Five-Year Plan period. The future investing will foucs on automotive electronics, information and communicati...

eMobility China

Conference | 23 Feb. 2012 - 25 Feb. 2012 | Beijing, Republic of China
eMobility is a new milestone in the automobile industries development during the 21st century. eMobility is the authoritative networking and trade platform for electric vehicles and charging facilities in ...

SAE 2012 Electric Vehicle Technologies Symposium

Seminar | 23 Feb. 2012 | San Diego, United States of America
This symposium will provide a forum for the delivery on the latest technical innovations with real-world data in electric drives, motors, energy storage and system engineering from the innovators and OEMs of...

Recharging the European Electric Vehicle Market

Conference | 22 Feb. 2012 | Brussels, Belgium
Recharging the European Electric Vehicle Market: Boosting Consumer Acceptance through New Business Models This special international symposium seeks to move the current electric vehicle debate forward and...

SAE 2012 Hybrid Vehicle Technologies Symposium

Conference | 21 Feb. 2012 - 22 Feb. 2012 | San Diego, CA, United States of America
This symposium will provide first-hand knowledge of recent innovations from leaders in the industry through specialized panel discussions and presentations. Take advantage of networking opportunities with pe...

Understanding the rise of eMobility

Conference | 13 Feb. 2012 - 14 Feb. 2012 | London, United Kingdom
With global sales for Electric Vehicles predicted to increase by over 100% in the next 3 years, the market is growing and developing globally. Inflluenced by smart grid technology and intelligent thinking, t...

Advanced Automotive Battery Conference

Conference | 6 Feb. 2012 - 10 Feb. 2012 | Orlando, FL, United States of America
From organizer's website: At the current pace of development in the industry, you won’t want to miss a single AABC, the event keeps your finger on the industry’s pulse. Mark your calendar to join us for...

IQPC Fleet Management Technology Summit

Conference | 6 Feb. 2012 - 7 Feb. 2012 | San Diego, United States of America
This conference will address the greater profitability and efficiency gains by commercial fleet operators when using fleet optimized technology. Key topics will be: Meeting standards and regulations ...

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Forum 2012

Meeting | 1 Feb. 2012 - 2 Feb. 2012 | Prague, Czech Republic
Trends in Hybrid & Electric Vehicles 2012 is designed to get the industry and the policymakers on one platform to discuss the importance of e-mobility and to share opinions as to the future development plans...

The Washington Auto Show

Trade Fair | 27 Jan. 2012 - 5 Feb. 2012 | Washington DC, United States of America
The Washington Auto Show ® has not only become the largest public show in Washington, D.C., it’s also the premier address for showcasing the latest innovations in sustainable technologies and drawing the mos...

EV JAPAN–3rd EV & HEV Drive System Technology Expo

Conference | 18 Jan. 2012 - 20 Jan. 2012 | Tokyo, Japan
Most automotive manufacturers are now concentrating on development and production of EV& HEV that could affect the fate of the company. EV JAPAN gathers all kinds of core technologies for EV&HEV; Motors, Inv...

EV Charging Infrastructure & Grid Integration 2012

Conference | 18 Jan. 2012 - 19 Jan. 2012 | London, United Kingdom
EV Charging Infrastructure & Grid Integration 2012 will bring together thought leaders from leading utilities, distribution companies and car manufacturers, as well as national regulators, to discuss innovat...

Brussels Motor Show 2012

Trade Fair | 12 Jan. 2012 - 22 Jan. 2012 | Brussels, Belgium
After 90 editions and 110 years the Car & Motorcycle Salon remains the country’s largest event. The Salon accommodates 100,000 m² of cars, motorcycles and accessories. The event offers Belgian, European and ...

North American International Auto Show

Trade Fair | 9 Jan. 2012 - 22 Jan. 2012 | Detroit, MI, United States of America
The North American International Auto Show 2012 is where the global automotive community comes together to catch up on the latest news and events.