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China NEV Show

China NEV Show

27 Nov 2013 - 29 Nov 2013

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The China NEV Show is not just another event about green transportation, it is the business tool for all eco mobility players who want to develop their business. China NEV Show is a BtoB trade show : Focused on business opportunities, China NEV Show is the place where you will make business : current offer meets current demand. China NEV Show brings together the whole market : All technologies (electric, hybrid, hydrogen, etc.), all kind of vehicles (personal cars, heavy duty, tramway & buses, etc.), all players (automotive industry, equipment manufacturers, etc.) but also the whole value chain : charging infrastructure, energy & raw material suppliers, services. China NEV Show is a global event : Companies from all over the world come to meet the Asia Pacific region market. China NEV Show is a top-of-the-range event : The biggest automotive companies, the biggest equipment companies meet the most influential visitors and decisions makers in the area : top officials from main cities & regions in Asia Pacific. China NEV Show is simple and cost effective : Because we want you to optimize your ROI, we designed packages for you to attend with limited budget and simplified logistics.

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Nicolas Hesse
Sales Director at EUROPEXPO

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Event Info

November 27th 2013 - 29th 2013
Hong Kong, Hong Kong