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3rd International Secondary Lead Conference

3rd International Secondary Lead Conference

9 Sep 2013 - 10 Sep 2013

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Lead enjoys one of the highest recycling rates of all materials in common use today. The use of lead has evolved over the years, with a significant growth in recyclable uses. Today about 80% of lead is used in lead acid batteries, all of which are recoverable and recyclable.

Lead recycling brings advantages to industry and society in areas such as energy consumption, reduced carbon emissions, resource conservation, employment and costs.

After sitting for so many years under the shadow of primary smelting the secondary industry is now “coming of age”. Previously secondary smelting was often “dismissed” technically because of its simplicity and small scale of operation but its emerging importance is being seen right across the market.

This lack of understanding also extended into the marketing/reporting/analytical area where the majority of data about the element was based on Primary production; one of the aims of the ISLC to redress.

The 3rd ISLC will continue the work of the previous conferences to highlight the improvement in the understanding and operations of slags, refractories, furnace design and environmental practices. Emphasis will also be placed on the market conditions and what role secondary plays in the overall lead market.

It is a “must attend” event for all people involved, from used battery collection to battery production, in this very dynamic industry.

The Conference welcomes participation and involvement from industry across all levels.

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Event Info

September 9th 2013 - 10th 2013
Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore