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AABC 2014

AABC 2014

3 Feb 2014 - 7 Feb 2014

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The 14th international AABC will be held in Atlanta, Georgia.

The AABC 2014 technical sessions will include:

LLIBTA Symposium: Large Lithium Ion Battery Technology and Application
Session A1: High-energy Li-Ion Cathodes and Anodes
Session B1: Cell and Pack Engineering
Session A2: Electrolytes for Non-Aqueous Batteries
Session B2: Safety and Durability Validation: Testing and Modeling
Session A3: Beyond Lithium Ion
Session B3: Battery Management in Automotive Applications

ECCAP Symposium: Large EC Capacitor Technology and Application
Session 1: Advances in EC Capacitor Materials and Cell Design
Session 2: New EC Capacitor Products and Business Development
Session 3: EC Capacitor Storage System Applications

AABTAM Symposium: Advanced Automotive Battery Technology, Application and Market
Session 1: xEV and xEV-Battery Market
Session 2: Energy Storage for Low-Voltage Hybrids
Session 3: Lithium-Ion Batteries for High-Voltage Hybrids and PHEVs
Session 4: Battery Pack Technology 
Session 5: EV Technology, Logistics and Infrastructure

AABC 2014 will also offer world-class tutorials on advanced battery topics.

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Event Info

February 3rd 2014 - 7th 2014
Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America