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50by50 Prospects and Progress

16 February 2011 | Report / Study | Published: 2011
The world’s car fleet could half its fuel consumption between 2005 and 2030, if only governments would set taxes and charges that encourage fuel efficiency and not enhanced performance. That is the finding from ...

One Million Electric Vehicles By 2015

9 February 2011 | Report / Study | Published: 2011
President Obama’s goal of putting one million electric vehicles on the road by 2015 represents a key milestone toward dramatically reducing dependence on oil and ensuring that America leads in the growing electr...

Driving Forward: An Action Plan for the Electric Dri...

3 February 2011 | Report / Study | Published: 2011
Key strides in policy have accompanied historic industry achievements in electric drive technology, manufacturing and deployment. Plug-in electric drive vehicles are increasingly available, with the first mass market ...

Future Transport Fuels

1 February 2011 | Report / Study | Published: 2011
Transport fuel supply today, in particular to the road sector, is dominated by oil [1], which has proven reserves that are expected to last around 40 years [2]. The combustion of mineral oil derived fuels gives rise t...

Plugging cars into the grid: Why the government shou...

26 January 2011 | Report / Study | Published: 2010
Modern American life is premised on the assumption that inexpensive oil will be available forever to fuel our transportation system. Our vehicles, our jobs, and even the structure of our communities all depend on reli...

Greenpeace Report: Battle of the Grids

20 January 2011 | Presentation | Published: 2011
A Greenpeace report demonstrating intelligent grid potentials for Europe by 2050.

Shocking Future Battering the Lithium Industry throu...

20 January 2011 | Presentation | Published: 2011
TRU Group has developed a base case demand/supply forecast for the global lithium market through 2020. lithium consumption by main end-user lithium sources of supply – brine & mineral main d...

Boost! Transform the Powertrain Value Chain

19 January 2011 | Report / Study | Published: 2011
Jan 2011 McKinsey and Company report on global and electro-mobility automotive value chain transformation. Use the download link to access the Adobe PDF format of the document; as it is an encrypted file.

The Electric Vehicle Study 

7 January 2011 | Report / Study | Published: 2010
2011 will not only be a breakthrough year for the Smart Grid and the energy sector, but also a history maker for the electric vehicle (EV) and automotive industry. In an unprecedented series of events automotive manuf...

Batteries and Storage Systems for the Fully Electric...

18 November 2010 | Report / Study | Published: 2009
Aiming to understand the research needs in the domain of batteries and storage systems which play the most crucial role in the development of fully electric vehicles (FEV), the Commission jointly with the European Tec...

GM Sustainable Urban Mobility Blue Paper

9 November 2010 | Report / Study | Published: 2010
GM has published a “blue paper” introducing its vision of sustainable urban mobility. The Blue Paper—published in English and Chinese—addresses the growing challenges associated with rising urb...

Power Struggles: Charging tomorrow's cars 

4 November 2010 | Article / Press | Published: 2010
(Reuters Special Report) Examines electric car sales and projections, charging infrastructure, and industry developments.

Electric Car Guide 2010

28 October 2010 | Report / Study | Published: 2010
The work of the Automotive Council aims to ensure the UK motor industry plays a significant role in the development of exciting, low carbon transport solutions. Working to achieve this, the Automotive Council will pro...

Supporting Infrastructure Developments for Electric ...

27 October 2010 | Report / Study | Published: 2010
Only 2 to 5 percent of vehicles being designed and built today are currently taking advantage of alternative fuels and new plug-in electric technologies. Although these percentages are increasing rapidly, particularly...

20 steps towards 2020 brochure - Eurelectric

1 October 2010 | Presentation | Published: 2010
Electricity is the key to a sustainable and competitive future. Electricity drives modern society providing light, heat and power to our homes, hospitals, schools and businesses. With its ability to become carbon-neut...