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Recharging China’s electric-vehicle aspirations

30 October 2012

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China understands that embracing electric vehicles could help it not only to manage its energy dependency and environmental challenges but also to build a car industry that could leapfrog its global competitors in this emerging sector. But progress toward that goal has been disappointing, and the country needs a new strategy, McKinsey research finds. Automakers have produced only a fraction of the vehicles once expected. Ownership has fallen far short of projections, and the needed infrastructure has failed to materialize. Notwithstanding massive investment in battery R&D by automakers and suppliers, few vendors are qualified to provide batteries to the industry.

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30 Oct. 2012 - PDF
Year: 2012
Type: Report / Study
Source: Industry / Business
Language: English
File Size: 481 KB
Number of Pages: 8
Axel Krieger, Philipp Radtke, and Larry Wang (McKinsey & Company)