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Results of one year trial with 26 EVs - TNO

22 November 2012

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The Dutch government regards electric driving as a very promising option to make our future automobility more sustainable, to strengthen the Dutch energy position and to give our economy a structural boost. Therefore, it was decided to gain experience of electric driving through field tests with the Dutch government’s Public Works department, Rijkswaterstaat (RWS), the aim being twofold: as a highways authority RWS wants to learn more about future mobility and by 2015 RWS wants to have a quarter of its vehicle fleet consisting of electric vehicles. This study has revealed that this second objective is indeed feasible.

To gain insight into the costs, environmental impact, use, deployment, maintenance and other aspects, 24 EVs and 2 PHEVs were monitored over a period of one year and the users asked to feed back on their experiences of electric driving. One of the findings was that the actual range came to around 60% of the reported radius, but such a range is still sufficient for more than 25% of the Rijkswaterstaat fleet. User appreciation increased as the trials progressed. For example, the question “would you recommend electric driving to colleagues for work travel?” was just 4.8 out of 10 at the beginning but 7.7 at the end.

Despite the lower energy costs (50% less for entrepreneur and consumer, and even 80% less for Rijkswaterstaat), electric driving is still relatively expensive. Rijkswaterstaat redeems its costs for an electric car after 7 years. For a period of four years’ use, it pays €0.06 per kilometre more to drive electric.

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