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Development of charging station data services for new user groups

21 November 2013

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 Our goal has been to examine the possibility of using charging station data to new user groups in the professional market. Opportunities have been identified through in-depth interviews with large public and private fleet owners, car distributors, utility transport providers, operators of charging infrastructure and developers of digital maps.

As a result of the survey, the selected main focus has been to find solutions for large public and private fleet owners developing a communicative charging infrastructure, leasing companies to acquire control of mileage for electric cars, a cost efficient system for all stakeholders to develop interoperability and universal access to a commercial charging infrastructure, and integration of in-car charging station data for car importers and distributors.

We have identified a number of needs and systematically assessed and proposed solutions with the support of charging station data, both to meet present needs and identify more visionary possibilities, without adding to high overhead costs.

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21 Nov. 2013 - PDF
Year: 2013
Type: Presentation
Source: Industry / Business
Language: English
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Number of Pages: 6
Hans Håvard Kvisle (Ladestasjoner AS)
Bjarne André Myklebust (Ladestasjoner AS)