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Mahindra Reva looks to boost electric car ownership

23 April 2014 | The Economic Times
In a bid to boost sales of its electric car, Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles is working on making the car more easily accessible to people. Chetan Maini, Chief Executive Officer, Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles said, ...
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An electric car could cost you less than you think

23 April 2014 | CBS Money Watch
As we celebrate Earth Day with gasoline prices rising again, you might want to consider whether an electric car could work for you. All-electric cars like the Nissan Leaf, Chevrolet Spark or Honda Fit EV cost less ...
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Melbourne debuts new electric car charging station

23 April 2014 | Florida Today
Melbourne Mayor Kathy Meehan cut a bright green ribbon off the city's first downtown electric vehicle charging station tonight. The "level 3" station is in front of City Hall, 900 E. Strawbridge Ave. It i...
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Tesla delivers its first electric cars in China

23 April 2014 | LA Times
Thanking his Chinese customers for “taking a chance,” Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk on Tuesday handed over the keys to the first nine electric vehicles the California car company has sold in the country....
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Electric Car Sales & Registrations Updates For Canada...

14 April 2014 | Clean Technica
I’ve just published electrified vehicle sales and registrations updates for Canada, Switzerland, and Denmark over on EV Obsession. This follows up on updates for the US, Sweden, and Norway. Unfortunately, I&rsqu...
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TID Considers Reduced Rates for Electric Car Owners

14 April 2014 | Turlock City News
A proposed, experimental rate structure could encourage some Turlockers to go green and drive an electric car.   The Turlock Irrigation District rate change would allow residential customers who own electric ve...
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The Future of Electric Cars in India

14 April 2014 | The Indian Republic
 Since the last few years, the use of Electric vehicles as a successful transport option is catching up very fast with our times, and we hear from the automobile industry that we are almost there. The battery is ...
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Berkeley rolling out electric vehicle charging stations

14 April 2014 | Berkeleyside
Berkeley’s Whole Foods market unveiled two new, powerful charging stations for electric vehicles yesterday at its store at the intersection of Telegraph at Ashby. The move brings the total number of public stati...
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GM Is Serious About Electric Cars, Despite Grumbling By A...

14 April 2014 | Green Car Reports
Electric-car advocates often forget that it took seven years from the first Toyota Prius hybrid, launched in Japan in 1997, until sales of the second-generation Prius started to grow in global markets.   Now, G...
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Ford + GE = Big Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rollout

3 April 2014 | Clean Technica
The first company that comes to mind when you think of electric vehicle leadership is probably Tesla, or perhaps Nissan or GM. However, Ford has been sneaking into a clear leadership position over the past year and a ...
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Number of electric vehicles doubling every year

3 April 2014 | Green Autoblog
Percentage-wise, 400,000 vehicles in the global fleet of cars is a small, small number. If 2011 estimates of a billion cars worldwide is accurate, 400,000 is basically a rounding error. Still, since those 400,000 are ...
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China Considers More Electric-Car Incentives: Official

3 April 2014 | Bloomberg
The government may cut or waive the 10 percent auto-purchase tax for new-energy vehicles -- China’s term for electric cars, plug-in hybrids and fuel-cell vehicles -- and slow down the reduction of government sub...
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Silent but deadly: EU rules all electric cars must make a...

3 April 2014 | Daily Mail
Silent but potentially deadly electric cars will have to be fitted with artificial ‘sound generators’ so blind and partially sighted pedestrians can hear them coming, the European Parliament voted today. I...
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Electric car breaks all sales records in Norway

3 April 2014 | Barents Observer
There is a boom, or a game-changer, in the sales of electric cars in Norway. Never before in history has one model, whatever fuel power, sold more in one month than the Tesla Model S did in March. And Tesla is not uni...
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Uruguay’s Public Transport Goes Electric

25 March 2014 | IPS News
Uruguay plans to gradually replace oil-based fuels with electric energy in its public transport system, and is currently assessing the costs and benefits of the shift. Tests indicate that the running costs of elect...