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Bitrode - Battery Charging and Test Systems

03 December 2009

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The US-based company is joining as a new Silver Partner to present its expertise in cell, module, and pack testing - especially for the EV market and advanced chemistries. State-of-the-art technologies combined with a highly trained team of seasoned engineers ensure higher accuracy, performance, and unparalleled durability of Bitrode equipment.
From within the battery industry, to serve the battery industry
Building on over 50 years of experience in battery technology, Bitrode Corporation is today the largest American battery formation and test equipment manufacturer in North America. The company manufactures a full line of formation and laboratory test equipment, laboratory software tools and battery automation. Moreover, it also specialised in systems for electric vehicle having developed and produced its first HEV high-power and high-speed systems in 2003.

Bitrode’s battery test systems for electric and hybrid electric vehicles are designed to perform in advanced applications that require fast switching speeds, extensive data collection, and CAN interface. These units also include regenerative capabilities that return the power back to the power grid, which improves the heat dissipation and can save electricity.

Bitrode’s latest offerings bring customised sophisticated control systems including National Instruments and A&D’s iTest advanced control and testing system. In particular, the collaboration between Bitrode and A&D is considered “the new industry standard” and can be seen at GM’s (Volt) Advanced Laboratory in Warren Michigan.

The A&D Technologies’ state-of-the-art iTest EV solution that includes LabMinder and iCentral—as used at GM’s Advanced Battery lab. This innovative system maximizes productivity while reducing hard costs and creates a redundant fail-safe laboratory with active error tracking and notification functionality that assists in the prevention of critical battery failure (including potential thermal events). Complete lab monitoring status— including chambers and other auxiliary equipment—and automated notification and lab surveillance cameras make off-site management easy.

The products soon to be added to the database include:
  • EV/HEV Battery Cell Test System
  • EV/HEV Battery Module Test System
  • EV/HEV Battery Pack Test System
  • End-of-Line Test Systems
  • Battery Simulators

“As the leader in the EV/HEV test markets, we believe that being part of is an important venue. As the battery chemistry and applications continue to evolve, Bitrode continues to keep pace with innovation in the cell, module, and pack testing arena,” says Paolo Canova, CEO of Bitrode.

Bitrode presenting at events

Bitrode is showcasing its products and presenting its technologies at different events and shows all around the world. In the first quarter 2010 the company is attending the following events:
  • AW Briefing, London 12/12/2009
  • AABC-Mainz, Germany 2/4/10  -2/5/10
  • Battery Japan, Tokyo 3/3/10 - 3/5/10
  • IAMF 2010, Geneva, Switzerland 3/9/10 - 3/10/10
  • Florida Educ. Seminars 3/15/10 - 3/18/10
  • Interbat 2010, Moscow 3/24/10 - 3/26/10
About Bitrode Corporation

Bitrode began in 1957 as an in-house department developing formation chargers and quickly developed into a stand-alone company (Meteor Production Engineering), building on industry expertise to provide charging solutions backed by knowledgeable, dedicated service to manufacturers of automotive, standby and motive power batteries. Today, Bitrode manufactures a wide range of custom performance specifications for today’s lead acid and advanced chemistry cell, module, and pack production and testing.


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