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The most popular articles on in 2010

27 December 2010

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The “best-of articles” is a selection of the most popular articles published on throughout the year. Find out what moved the electrified vehicle world in terms of important industry events, major battery innovations as well as new market trends and political decisions in 2010.

Several international events brought together industry experts, policy makers and research specialists to discuss technology options and market potential for electric and plug-in electric vehicles. reported live from conferences around the globe to keep you up to date on the latest developments in battery and vehicle technology, as well as new on key messages from the financing and policy side.

The following top-ten list gives an overview of the most popular events reported from:


Battery technology has always been a big issue for the community. Lithium technology has garnered special interest this year as has reporting from the major manufacturers on in-house battery developments. Range extension and safety issues have also introduced a new set of battery considerations into the charging power puzzle.

The following top ten list introduces the most promising developments including their assets and drawbacks:


Policy and industry developments in the EU, the US and Asia were closely watched areas for industry players. Interest was focused on new incentive programmes and infrastructure solutions, as well as charging standardization and overall market strategy.

The following top-ten list offers a selection of the most popular topics as regards policy, industry and market trends:


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