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Smaller EV manufacturers and charging solutions at Paris Motor Show

01 October 2012

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The 2012 Paris Motor show, taking place until 14 October 2012, is not only the scene of many EV Premieres, including PHEVs, BEVs and FCEVs, but also an opportunity for smaller manufacturers and infrastructure suppliers to make their way in a very competitive automotive market. In this article, we look at some of these companies and how they approach the EV market.


LUMENEO is exhibiting for the third time at the Paris Motor Show. The company is using the show’s 2012 edition to officially launch both the commercialization of the NEOMA, and to also launch a two-seater roadster version of the NEOMA.

The NEOMA is a 4-seater compact urban car, 269cm long and 166cm wide. Dow Kokam will be providing the batteries to power the NEOMA. Each car will feature two XSYST9 ™ 7 kWh lithium-ion batteries, for a 14 kWh system that gives each vehicle up to 140 kilometers of electric-only range, and requires only four hours to recharge. The energy system features water thermal management, which increases vehicle range in winter and improves battery lifetime and safety. LUMENEO worked closely with Dow Kokam to incorporate this advanced battery solution in the new, flexible NEOMA vehicle.

“We are excited to partner with LUMENEO to produce an innovative electric vehicle that offers a real and viable option for ultra-compact EV driving with a convenient and capable ride,” said Jean-Francois Herchin, Vice President of Dow Kokam. “Dow Kokam’s revolutionary energy storage technology provides the right combination of energy density and size to meet the custom needs of the streamlined and sleek NEOMA.”

Mia Electric

For the first time, the mia electric company is at the Paris Motor Show in Hall 1, with a 250 square meter stand. The French manufacturer is displaying its full range, made up of 4 models: mia, mia L, miaparis and mia U (utility vehicle). Throughout the 16 days of the Show, 8 mia vehicles are also available for visitors to take a test drive and discover for themselves mia’s qualities and unique driving experience. Easily accessible and less than a hundred metres from the mia electric stand, the brand’s test centre is offering the public a free mia test drive of under real urban traffic conditions.

Since the spring of 2012, mia owners in Paris and the Paris area are able to take advantage of the 700 Autolib’ stations (1500 between now and mid-2013) to recharge their vehicle, for a subscription fee equivalent to €15 per month. This price includes two hours of parking per day on Autolib’ sites.

Bolloré & AutoLib’

The BlueCar is making most of its sales through the AutoLib’ program launched in December 2011. Vincent Bolloré has announced that the AutoLib’ service will reach the breakeven point by 2014, 4 years ahead of scheduled. “But to achieve that, the current rate of subscriptions needs to stay like it is until March or April 2014.” 4.000 (out of the 6.000 planned) charging stations have been installed in Paris. Bolloré Group has invested 1.7 billion euros in the program


Active in the charging infrastructure market for 20 years already, DBT-CEV is bringing several major EV charging innovations to the Paris Motor Show:

  • A universal AC/DC Quick Charger capable of charging 100% of compatible electric vehicles in less than 30 minutes. This AD/DC universal Quick Charger uses the CHAdeMO standard and is able to charge, on the same infrastructure, vehicles relying on both DC (Nissan, Peugeot, Citroen, Mitsubishi, Subaru, BD Otomotive, Protoscar, Micro-Vett) and AC charging technology (future EV vehicule portfolio from Renault).
  • Two unique wall-mounted EV charging solutions dedicated to home and workplace charging. EV Stream™ and EV Pure™ are two charging wallboxes designed by DBT-CEV's R&D Department.
  • DBT-CEV present a new generation of 240V public charging stations that will suit the needs of any EV charging service provider (municipalities, private companies, courier fleets, etc.) or any EV driver.

EDF commitment to EVs

EDF, the French energy utility, is strengthening its partnerships with key players in the electric mobility field (OEMs, suppliers…) with:

  • The signature of a partnership between Sodetrel (100% owned by EDF) and Schneider Electric to offer EV charging infrastructure solutions to the mass market
  • The launch of a community platform named Plug & Move, in partnership with AXA Assistance, Europcar, Navteq and Schneider. Created to raise awareness and help EV users in their trips, it will be available on the web and through mobile app for smartphones, with features such as trip planning, geolocalisation and availability of charging stations.
  • The entrance of E.Lease, subsidiary of EDF, on the EV rental market for durations from 1 to 23 months. The objective is to allow curious drivers or potential EV buyers to drive EVs without having to commit to buy one.
  • The announcement of a partnership between Sodetrel and MopEasy on carsharing solutions.

Test drive area

In addition to these announcements, EDF is the main partner of the test drive area, giving the opportunity to visitors to try hybrids and electric cars on a 11.000 square meter track (twice the size of the one in 2010). Bookings start in Hall 2.1, and test drives are either inside and/or outside the exhibition hall in a 2.2km tour of Paris. Visitors can register for this experience from 10am to 7pm (9pm on Thursdays and Fridays).


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