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US Electric Vehicles sales report for April

02 May 2013

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The monthly EV sales report is provided by InsideEVs and is updated with latest information available. In April 2013, more than 7,000 EVs were sold in the US market, twice as many as in April 2012, for a total market share slightly below 0,5% of new light vehicles sales.
The sales information currently includes sales of 11 car models. 

Monthly EV sales

  April 2013 sales
Chevrolet Volt 1,306
Nissan Leaf 1,937
Toyota Prius Plug-in 599
Ford Focus Electric 147
Mitsubishi i-MiEV 127
Toyota RAV4 EV 70
Honda Fit EV 22
Honda Accord PHEV 55
Ford C-Max Energi 411
Ford Fusion Energi 365
Tesla Model S 2,200
Total 7,239

Details per carmaker

“April plug-in vehicle sales have a high level to shoot for this month, as March logged a year’s best 7,800+ electric vehicles sales, despite some lower than expected numbers from Ford and Chevrolet.” reports InsideEVs.


Nissan continued its resurgence in 2013, as 1,936 units were sold (the second highest month ever), demonstrating the 2013 LEAF is still being received well from a sales standpoint. 

In terms of year-to-date totals, the Nissan LEAF now stands at 5,476 units, up 160.4 percent compared to same time in 2012.


Tesla does not publish detailed monthly sales figures, but the many updates provided by both the company and consumers give an accurate indication of monthly sales. This is particularly true given that Tesla is currently focusing on delivering Model S pre-orders. 

This month, the game at Tesla is to keep production high, and the line moving as fast as possible before sales slow in late May/June for the Euro-zone production changeoever.

To that end, Tesla announced that the 40 kWh Model S would not be going into production, but those orders would be built with the 60 kWh battery on board (whicle will still be limited to the prior specs of the 40 kWh version). Also, all 60 kWh cars (like those produced originally) would be built with the Supercharging hardware on board. Additionally, the 85 kWh cars that had been waiting on a special “Sunset Red” color also started to get pushed out of the California factory in mid April.

For April, InsideEVs estimate Tesla sold 2,200 Model S electric sedans.


For the first quarter of 2013, GM has sold only 4,244 cars. The sales continue on the same trend  with 1,306 vehicles sold in April, a number that’s down 10.7 percent compared to April 2012 sales of 1,462. On the YTD level, Volt sales now come in at 5,550, or up 3.2 percent over the YTD mark of 5,377 through the first 4 months of 2012.


14 units of the Fisker Karma were sold in April 2013. 74 cars are still left in the inventory.


Sales continue to be low for the Prius Plug-In with Toyota reported it sold only 599 units in April. 

Last year Toyota sold 12,750 plug-in Prii in the 10 months it was available, it currently appears that only around 9,500 will be sold after doing a full year’s worth of business in 2013.


In April, Honda only sold 22 Fit EVs. Although the Fit EV is purely a compliance play for Honda to satisfy CARB, they still have to sell 1,100 of them. After almost a year on the market, they have still sold less than 200! Honda also sold 55 units of the Accord Plug-in vehicles.


In April, sales of the i-MiEV rebounded quite a bit over the dismal numbers posted in March. Mitsubishi says i-MiEV sales check in at 127 units in April, which is not too bad considering how low the volume was in March.


Richard Marks

Rather than estimating sales, you can get actual car registration data from JD Powers, I believe. They monitor actual vehicle registrations on a State by State basis.
I don't believe your Tesla estimate. Using Automotive News production data, Tesla only built about 1,800 during April. I would have expected they might have pulled ahead some April sales to boost March sales numbers anyway.
Can you get the JD Power data?
added 2013-05-02 22:08:02
Pierre Wattré
Thanks for your comment Richard,

This estimation is made by InsideEVs, and they based their information on what was said by George Blankenship, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Ownership Experience:

“During the past three weeks we have averaged more than 500 Model S deliveries per week, and it looks like we’ll be setting another record this week.”

I will look into JD Power data this week

Barrow Charles

I think the April sale for vehicle sale is quiet good.
added 2013-07-25 07:57:30

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