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US Electric Vehicles sales report for June

12 July 2013

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The monthly EV sales report is provided by InsideEVs and is updated with latest information available. In total, 7,892 electric cars were sold in the US in June 2013, which is the second highest monthly sales figure this year.
The sales information currently includes sales of 13 car models.

Monthly EV sales

  June 2013 sales
Chevrolet Volt
Nissan Leaf 2,225
Toyota Prius Plug-in 584
Ford Focus Electric 177
Mitsubishi i-MiEV 39
Toyota RAV4 EV 44
Honda Fit EV 208
Honda Accord PHEV 42
Ford C-Max Energi 455
Ford Fusion Energi 390
Smart ED 53
Chevy Spark EV 27
Tesla Model S 950
Total 7,892

Details per carmaker

“A solid month of plug-in sales in May continues into June, as the month looks to set a yearly high. Previously, in May, 7,554 EVs were sold – with 57% of those (4,345) being of the fully electric variety…a new trend that has developed in 2013 thanks to the Tesla Model S and the resurgence in sales that came with the 2013 Nissan LEAF,” reports InsideEVs.


For June, Nissan sold 2,225 LEAFs, just 11 shy of March’s record 2,236 result. This month was also an improvement of 316% over a year ago’s result. Overall, Nissan has now sold 9,839 EVs in 2013, as compared to 3,148 in 2012. A 213% increase.


Tesla does not give out exact monthly sales, so it is not known what the exact numbers are until their quarterly updates, but May was the ‘end of the line’ for sky-high US volumes.

For June insideEVs estimates Tesla sold 950 Model S sedans in North America. How did they come to this conclusion? By looking at past financial records and using a little common sense:
  • Knowing that if Tesla would struggle in any month to meet their weekly production goals, it would be June and July;
  • The fact that a notice to shareholders foretold the company’s revenues would likely take a hit of about 500 units (likely due to the changeover and long shipping/regulation delays on cars now heading to Europe);
  • Then there is also the fact the company said they expected to sell 4,500 units in Q2.


2,698 extended range Chevrolet Volt EVs were sold by General Motors, easily the best result for 2013. For the year, GM has now sold 9,855 cars versus 8,817 through the first six months of last year; an increase of about 12%. June’s result was helped in a big way thanks to incentives, as GM continued to put cash on the hood. For all the 2013 Chevrolet Volt in inventory customers received at least $4,000 of the MSRP when buying the car.

According to InsideEVs, in the first month on the market, sales of the Chevy Spark EV checked in at 27 units.


Judging by remaining inventories, it appears at though Fisker sold about five 2012 Karmas during the month. About 54 plug-in range luxury collectibles still remain to be sold.


In the smart ED’s second month available in the United States, 53 were sold…pretty much exactly in-line with expectations.

Earlier, on May 15th, the US plug-in family expanded by one as the first Smart ForTwo electric drive was delivered in California. And dispite only a few selling days, and relatively few available cars and dealerships, 60 Smart EDs were delivered in May,


Sales of Toyota’s plug-in Prius fell off a bit with a relatively low figure of 584 units sold in June. This brings the YTD total to 4,214, which is still below the pace of last year (4,347) at this same point in time. Previous to June, the Prius Plug-In sales ended the month of May at a relatively strong mark of 678 units.

In June, Toyota sold 44 copies of their all-electric SUV RAV4 EVS. Previously in May, Toyota sold 84 RAV4 EVS.


In June Honda sold 208 Fit EVs, which is 32 more than they sold in the first 11 months the car was on sale.

Now that the Honda Fit EV is selling well, the Accord plug-in looks to take over the crown of “most anemic” selling plug-in car in the US, with 42 sold in June. In May, Honda managed to sell only 58 units, although technically speaking this was an improvement over the 55 sold in April. An even 200 have now been sold since the vehicle first when on sale.


For June Mitsubishi sold only 39 units, giving them a total of 882 sold for the year, which is well ahead of the 588 sold in 2012.


Fusion Energi sales checked in at 390 units in June. Previously, in May, Ford reported that sales of the Fusion Energi hit an all-time high of 416 units.

C-Max Energi sales came in at 455 units in June, which is 5 more than the total sold in May and 5 up on the Fusion Energi sales this month. In May, Ford says C-Max Energi sales checked in at 450 units.

The Focus Electric is still struggling to achieve sales above the 100s. Sales in June came in at 177 units, or 20 better than in May.


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