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US Electric Vehicles sales report for July

12 August 2013

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The monthly EV sales report is provided by InsideEVs and is updated with the latest available information. In total, 6,592 electric cars were sold in the US in July 2013, which is the third lowest monthly sales figure this year.
The sales information currently includes sales of 13 car models.

Monthly EV sales

  July 2013 sales
Chevrolet Volt
Nissan Leaf 1,864
Toyota Prius Plug-in 817
Ford Focus Electric 150
Mitsubishi i-MiEV 46
Toyota RAV4 EV 109
Honda Fit EV 63
Honda Accord PHEV 54
Ford C-Max Energi 433
Ford Fusion Energi 407
Smart ED 58
Chevy Spark EV 103
Tesla Model S 700
Total 6,592

Details per carmaker

After registering 4 consecutive months in the 7,000-units-sold range, plug-in sales fell in July in the United States to around 6,500 units, with both Chevrolet and Nissan posting lower than expected numbers. Also not helping US sales figures, Tesla’s focus has shifted away from the United States for pretty much the rest of the year.


Fiat is not sharing the sales figures for the 500 per model, but insideEVs estimates that Fiat sold 35 of the 500e in July. 


For July, Nissan sold 1,864 LEAFs. July’s result is the lowest monthly tally since the new 2013 LEAF went on sale in March. Up until this point sales had ranged between 1,937 and 2,236.
However, if you are comparing year on year results, July still shows a massive 372% increase over last year. Year-to-date sales now sit at 11,703, an improvement of 230% over 2012 sales.


Tesla does not give out exact monthly sales figures, making it difficult to know with 100% accuracy what the numbers are until their quarterly updates. Tesla’s Q2 financials confirmed sales in the first 6 months were 10,050 units. So, for the US, the July sales are estimated to be about 700 for the Model S.


Chevy had a tough month, selling 910 fewer Volts in July than in June. In total 1,788 Volts were sold.
For the first 7 months of the year, 11,643 sales were made, which is 9% better than at this point last year.
Production of the 2013 Volt model ceased about 4 weeks ago, and while the status of 2014 production is not known yet , InsideEVs spoke to Michelle Malcho at Chevrolet Communication about the price announcement for the 2014 model, which should be revealed in mid to late August.

Regarding the Spark EV, sales remain a little on the low side, with 103 sold in July.
In its first month on the market, sales of the Chevy Spark EV checked in at 27 units. 
The Spark EV has just recently been priced by GM at a competitive $27,495 (€20,680), about $1,400 (€1,053) less than the new entry level, S Model LEAF offered by Nissan. A $199 (€150)/month lease is also available from launch.

Judging by remaining inventories, it appears as though Fisker sold about two 2012 Karmas during the month. The California start-up has about 52 plug-in luxury cars yet to be sold.

For July, 58 smart EDs were sold, binging the total amount sold in the first 2.5 months up to 173.
The first smart ED in the US was sold on May 15th, and was delivered in California. And despite only a few selling days in that first month, smart sold 60 copies.
A new “lowest price” EV price tag, starting at $25,000 (€18,804) before federal credits (the Smart qualifies for the full $7,500(€5,641)), but also is the first full production electric vehicle in the US to come as a Cabrio, with prices atrting at $28,000 (€21,061).
The EV is also the first plug-in for America to be offered with a “battery rental” option, which brings the cost of the Smart ED down to $19,990 (€15,037), but adds a $80 (€60) month battery rental payment, but includes a wider (and longer) battery warranty. 

Toyota’s plug-in this month sold 817 units.
Overall, Toyota has now sold 5,031 Prius plug-ins, just below the number of sales made at this time last year when they had sold 5,035.
Going forward, it is going to be near impossible to keep up with last year, as Toyota never sold less than a 1,000 cars in any of the last 5 months of 2012, with 7,715 plug-ins sold between August and December. 

Regarding the RAV4 EV, July was a rebound month with Toyota selling a rather remarkable 109 units, making July the second best month for the RAV4 EV in terms of sales in 2013.

With inventory levels depleted after last month’s results, Honda still managed to sell 63 Fit EVs.
Last month, Honda slashed the price of its lease cost on the Fit EV in June (a lease is still the only way you can acquire one).
The result was that in June Honda sold 208 Fit EVs, which is 32 more than they sold in the first 11 months the car was on sale.

For July, Honda sold 54 of their plug-in Accords, bringing the year to date total up to 254.


46 is the number of i-MiEVs sold in July, which is less than a handful of units over what Mitsubishi managed to sell in June.
For June Mitsubishi sold only 39 units, giving them 882 sold for the year, which is already far ahead of the 588 sold in 2012.

433 plug-in C-Max hatches were sold in July, the 5th month in a row Ford produced a number in the 400s.

The expansion of the Ford plug-in dealer network to include the Fusion and C-Max Energi line has certainly been a boost to the Focus Electric.
For July, 150 Focus EVs were sold, marking 9 out of the 10 last months selling in triple digits. The electric Ford could not manage any results in the triple digits before the arrival of the C-Max Energi expanded the dealership footprint.

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