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Best of 2013 – the most popular articles on

19 December 2013

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As the end of the year approaches takes a look back at the most exciting news stories of 2013, providing a snapshot of the most read articles on While articles about EV sales in the US and EV developments in China were popular, much of the focus this year was on technology and the different schemes encouraging customers to learn more about the electric car experience.
Electric mobility in a smart city – 200 EVs to be tested in south of Spain: The Electric Mobility project Zem2All, launched in April 2013 in the Spanish city of Malaga, turned out to be the most popular article of the year. The objective of this four-year long project is to analyse what impact electric vehicles have on the community as well as infrastructure, and thus facilitate mass access to e-mobility. Research results should provide information on the impact and management of e-mobility resources in cities of the future, ranging from the use of cars, charging infrastructure and potential services, to the impact on energy management in cities.

PEVs combined with green energy packages could increase EV demand, claims new study: What governments should or should not do to encourage customers to choose environmentally friendly electric cars was widely discussed in the media this year. One way to increase the popularity of EVs was suggested by researchers from Canada and the US. A new study published this summer argues that consumers are more likely to buy an electric vehicle (EV), if they know that green electricity will be used to charge it.

E-mobility and e-car sharing

E-mobility in e-Estonia: EV rental service and a nation wide fast-charging network:
An electric vehicle rental service was launched this summer in Estonia, a country which is sometimes known as “e-Estonia” due to its advanced e-society. The electric mobility project ELMO launched the rental service in both Tallinn and Tartu, the two largest cities of Estonia, in the hope that it will encourage wider use of electric cars and bring more EVs to the Estonian streets. The necessary preconditions are already there - Estonia is the first country in the world where a nationwide EV fast-charging network has been established.

UPDATE: Advancing electric mobility through electric car-sharing – Part I: Mobility experts often claim that through electric vehicle (EV) sharing and rental schemes, EVs could become an integral part of the urban environment. By renting an electric car customers can have the EV experience without the risks usually associated with buying one, such as high battery costs and potential battery failure. This autumn took a closer look at the electric car-sharing schemes in different cities and the price plans offered. The article series covered capitals such as Paris, Brussels, London, Oslo, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Berlin and some additional European cities.

Increasing EV sales in the US

US Electric Vehicles sales report for June & US Electric Vehicles sales report for May were also among the 10 most read articles in 2013. In May 7.554 EVs were sold in the United States, the most popular being the Nissan Leaf EV model. At that point this was the 3rd best sales month of all time. EV sales continued to increase in June reaching 7.892 electric cars sold in one month. The most popular model in June was the Chevrolet Volt.

News from China

Low-cost rental and test drives help boost EV market in China - ELECTRIC CHINA WEEKLY No21: In China, EV rental companies and manufacturers were promoting electric cars by providing customers with opportunities to test-drive and experience the new technology. In June 2013, BMW launched a one-year test drive for its ActiveE electric car in Beijing. In July, eHi Car Services opened the first low-cost electric rental outlet in Shanghai.

Beijing invests heavily in electric vehicles- ELECTRIC CHINA WEEKLY No19: In May 2013, Beijing launched its first EV rental demonstration base in the Tsinghua University Science Park. In order to alleviate the capital city’s infamous congestion and pollution problems, Beijing is investing heavily in expanding the use of electric vehicles among its citizens. The city is now launching a series of initiatives to promote the use of electric cars. The city plans to have 50,000 electric cars, which will include 30,000 private vehicles, and 8,000 public buses by 2015.

It is all about the EV technology

Renault ZOE: test-drive and Chameleon charger: Renault has designed the ZOE to be their first electric car built electric from the ground up. Indeed, the Z.E. range of vehicles offered by Renault were so far all converted ICEs. Many people expect a lot from the ZOE, as it has been designed as the electric car for the mass market. had the opportunity to Test-drive the Renault ZOE in Strasbourg during the AABC 2013.

Interview with Ford: Challenges in battery technology and hybrid powertrain developments: In an exclusive interview, Mike Tinskey, Director of Global Vehicle Electrification and Infrastructure at Ford, shared his thoughts on the latest developments in hybrid powertrain and battery technology. According to Tinskey, both adoption and costs are major challenges impacting the development of hybrid powertrains.


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