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US Electric Vehicles sales report for December 2013 + annual statistics

27 January 2014

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The monthly EV sales report is provided by InsideEVs and is updated with latest information available. Sales of electric vehicles (EVs) in the US increased in December 2013, compared to the limited numbers reported in November. 2013 statistics show that an impressive number of 95,859 EVs were sold in the US last year – a big increase compared to 2012.

Largely due to the tax implications of the $7,500 federal credit (€5,480) on plug-in vehicles, December ended the year with higher sales numbers than in November. In total 9,660 EVs were sold in the US in December 2013, representing the sales of 16 car models.

The total number of electric cars sold in 2013 the US fell just short of 100,000 plug-in vehicles, reaching 95,859 cars – nearly a double compared to the 52,581 EVs sold in 2012.

EV sales December 2013 + annual overview

  December 2013 sales
2013 in total
Chevrolet Volt 2,392
Nissan Leaf 2,529
Tesla Model S 1,500
Toyota Prius PHV 919
Ford C-Max Energi 827
Ford Fusion Energi 791
Ford Focus Electric 158
Toyota RAV4 EV 28
Mitsubishi i-MiEV 11 1,046
Smart ED 167 923
Fiat 500e 120 645
Honda Fit EV 51 569
Chevrolet Spark EV 76 539
Honda Accord PHV 38 526
Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid 47 86
Cadillac ELR 6 6
Total 9,660 95,859

Details per carmaker

Chevrolet Volt: In December 2,392 Volts were sold, which was down 9.2% over December of 2012, when GM sold an impressive 2,633. Nevertheless, December 2013 sales of Volts represent an increase in sales compared to the 1,920 Volts sold in November 2013.

December’s result means that GM sold less extended range Chevys in 2013 than 2012. 23,094 were sold in 2013 vs 23,461 – a loss of 1.9%

Nissan LEAF: Nissan ended the year with 2,529 LEAFs sold in December – the company’s best monthly result to date. For the year, Nissan has sold 22,610 cars, which is a big improvement of 2012 when only 9,819 were sold.

Cadillac ELR: Available on the market for very few days during December, GM did manage to sell 6 copies of the luxury Volt-based coupe.

Tesla: Tesla does not provide exact monthly sales and it is not known for sure what the numbers are until their quarterly updates. Tesla’s Q3 financials confirmed the first 9 months sales at a level of about 15,500 units, with is just over 14,000 sold domestically. InsideEVs estimates that 1,500 Model S sedans were sold in December.

Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid: In December Porsche sold another 47 copies of their $100,000 plug-in. Previously in November only 4 Panamera S E-Hybrids were sold as dealer inventory was more than a little tight.

Chevrolet SPARK EV: The first year of Spark EV sales ended with 76 cars sold in December, resulting in 539 Spark EVs sold overall in 2013.

Fiat 500e: Chrysler/Fiat has avoided reporting EV sales similarly to Tesla. According to the InsideEvs sales estimates based on historical norms of “average selling days” to inventory, Fiat sold about 120 500e sedans in December.

SMART ForTwo Electric Drive: Despite only being available regionally, the Smart ED continues to put up relatively strong numbers – in December 167 Smart EDs were sold.

Ford Fusion Energi: The Fusion Energi continues to be the jewel of Ford’s plug-in line-up – the electric sedan notched 791 more sales in December, and finished the year with just over 6,000 sold.

Ford C-Max Energi: Sales continued to be “steady” in December as 837 C-Max Energis were sold. For the year 7,154 were sold, good for being the 5th best selling plug-in for America.

Toyota RAV4 EV: Toyota reported in December that 28 RAV4 EVs were sold – the electric SUV’s worst showing since January of 2013.

Honda Accord Plug-In: In December, 38 more plug-in Accords were sold. Previously in November 68 copies were sold, close to the all-time high that was set in October at 71 Accord plug-ins. Honda Accord Plug-In ended the year with total sales of 526 cars.


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