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We Are On The Verge Of An Electric Vehicle Revolution

08 May 2014 | Gizmodo

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In Australia, our beautiful wide brown land means that we love our big cars. Holden’s Commodore and Ford’s Falcon dominated the top of new vehicle sales lists for decades; even in recent years, and even in light of both brands shutting down, they’re strong sellers. All of the five most popular cars in Australia are petrol-powered, but that looks set to change; you’ll just have to give it a few years first. The electric vehicle du jour in Australia has to be the Nissan Leaf. It’s certainly been around for the longest, having launched in June 2012 — the Leading, Environmentally Friendly, Affordable Family Car initially had a claimed 160km range without using a drop of petrol, and the 2013 model refresh boosted that by around a fifth.


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