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2014: an important year for electric vehicles in China; ELECTRIC CHINA WEEKLY No23

12 November 2014

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2014 has proven to be an important year for EV market growth in China, with a number of positive developments, such as: the opening of the first EV charging station at Beijing International Airport; a collaboration between Volkswagen and Didi taxi to introduce electric taxicabs; and the influential EV Technology Innovation Forum (EVTIF 2014), organised to identify technical and policy bottlenecks affecting the EV market.
China’s first airport EV charging station launched 
On 30th of October, the first airport EV charging station in China started operating in Beijing International Airport. The charging station launch was intended to coincide with the APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) Summit and provide services for electric buses and cars. The charging station is located in the Southeast wing of terminal three. The station has 25 DC charging pillars and 25 AC charging pillars, and can accommodate four electric buses and 50 electric cars. Using the DC pillars the airport’s electric buses can be charged in 20 minutes, whilst the electric cars take one to two hours. It takes six to eight hours to be fully charge using the AC charging pillars.  In addition to the airport charging station, there are 51 DC and 146 AC charging pillars in the Huanrou District where the APEC took place. 
Didi taxi forms partnership with Volkswagen to introduce electric taxi
Didi taxi, a taxi service company targeting business customers that operates in nine cities in China, and with more than 30,000 customers daily, has announced a collaboration with Volkswagen to introduce electric taxis to their fleet. The EVs will gradually be introduced in Beijing and Shanghai. Volkswagen’s electric up! EV will be the first model introduced by Didi. The model has maximum power of 60kW and a battery capacity of 18.7 kWh. It has a range of 160km when fully charged. 
EV Technology Innovation Forum
The “EV Technology Innovation Forum” was organised on the 29th of October, in Beijing China, to look at how to enhance production capacity and industrial planning for EVs, and through the open exchange of ideas investigate how to achieve the first stage of China’s “Energy-saving and New Energy Automobile Industry Development Plan” (2012-2020). The event covered policy support, the market environment, basic infrastructure, batteries and high efficiency motors, putting an emphasis on pure EVs, hybrid EVs and fuel cell EVs. 


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