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Have your say on the future of electro-mobility on

27 November 2014

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On 4 December in Brussels, ELEVTRA will host its final seminar during which participants will discuss progress and future projections. Those who can’t make the seminar are invited to join the debate online. ELEVTRA’s “cluster” has an on-going discussion on electric mobility and how training institutes can influence this changing market. Interested? Share your thoughts on this dynamic industry by visiting the ELEVTRA website.
The electro-mobility market is on the up, with recent reports noting a 77% increase in sales within the EU. As this technology proliferates, ELEVTRA is playing an important role in encouraging mechanics to specialise in the maintenance and repair of electric vehicles and charging stations via training institutes that teach a standardised course. 
In this rapidly evolving market, lively debate on the key issues affecting the industry continues, so why not have your say. 
  • What do you think the future of electro-mobility will be?
  • What are the specific problems you envisage? 
  • What do you think the EU should be doing to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles on the road? 
To whet your appetite, below are some of the discussions on-going on the ELEVTRA website at present.
What do you think will be the next step in electric vehicle industry?
The way in which markets evolve is always of interest; so what do you see being the significant breakthrough for electric vehicles? Will it be a new spike in oil prices? Or perhaps an influx of cheaper models would lead to a whole host of new buyers entering the market? Or will these only have a limited effect due to a lack of infrastructure, such as charging stations? Is this an area that the private sector should be looking at or is it the responsibility of governments to implement change?
What should be the main priorities of the incoming EU commission?
ELEVTRA is part of a host of initiatives funded by the European Commission, but there is a whole plethora of measures they can enact to bring about change. Is the electric vehicles sector an area that Europe can take the lead in? Should tax incentives be supranational policy to ensure every country receives a healthy discount for purchasing an electric vehicle? Like Estonia, should the EU lay down plans to make entire cities electric-mobility friendly? Is this perhaps bigger than the EU and instead should there be a global agreement?
Is America a model for training institutes?
At present, the number of electric vehicle and charging station training institutes in the U.S. outnumbers those in Europe. As a more experienced country, do their training institutes possess a model that could be beneficial for Europe or is there room for improvement so that Europe can lead in the sector of education regarding electric mobility?
Is there anything we’ve missed?
If there is something you feel isn’t being said or needs to be discussed then let us know by visiting the ELEVTRA discussions page. This is your chance to talk about what matters to you, and to talk with experts in the field! 
Started in 2012, the main objective of ELEVTRA is to develop a comprehensive, international and standardised training programme for the maintenance and repair of Electric Vehicles (EV) and charging stations (CS).  ELEVTRA is hosting its final seminar on the 4 December in Brussels. If you wish to participate in this exciting seminar, then you need to be quick as places are running out, register here for your spot.

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