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How Georgia became the biggest electric vehicle market in the U.S.

14 January 2015 | Guardian

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During the last year, sales grew more than sevenfold in the southeastern state, with electric cars accounting for one of every 60 new cars sold, according to data firm Statista. That’s a higher percentage than the second-largest market, California, where the figure was one in 70.

Price, of course, is a key factor. Brian Brockman, corporate communications senior manager for Nissan, says Georgia’s $5,000 (€4243) tax incentive, when coupled with a federal incentive of up to $7,500 (€6364), has been a key factor to the state’s electric vehicle growth. (The state incentive will likely meet challenges in the 2015 state legislature.)

Another important incentive is the fact electric vehicle owners get access to high-occupancy-vehicle lanes, called carpool lanes. This can make the difference between arriving on time or frustratingly late in the gridlocked capital of the New South, and is an example of the sort of alluring non-economic incentive that other sustainable industries could seek to adopt.


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