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UPDATE: Read on the go with our mobile APP

15 November 2011

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[ - ] Text [ + ] is proud to announce that it released this week its first mobile application on the App Store, giving readers the opportunity to keep up-to-date on the latest EV market activities wherever they are. Have a look at what the APP can do for you and find the link to download the APP at the bottom of this article. UPDATE: The version 1.1 is now available, featuring source links to flash news and enhanced article display with summary news.
Find the download link at the bottom of this article

The application is more than a mobile version of the website: it is a user-friendly tool designed to efficiently provide readers with the information they need when on the road.

“Many of our members are constantly traveling and have limited time to catch-up on EV news. That is why we have gone mobile with our first APP for the iPhone platform. This is our first version. It will provide access to real time news, direct access to our partners as well as events and photos. Later this year we will also add android and blackberry APPs in order to reach as many members as possible. Hope you like it” – Marc Chasserot,’s Editor in Chief.

The APP displays four major types of information accessible via the menu at the bottom of the screen: News, Partners, Events, and Photos.


Our latest articles and flash news are available on the APP homepage. All articles already displayed remain available without a Wifi or 3G connection. As for our classic platform, have the opportunity to react to any article by posting a comment at the end or reply to comments by other readers and members.


You can easily find our premium partners with the APP, read their description, and contact them through our embedded request form. If you still want more, you can directly visit their website with the provided link.


Be sure not to miss any EV event by having a look at our events listing. You can access an event’s website by clicking on it, giving you the opportunity to look for specific info without leaving the APP.


More than 1,500 photos from some of the EV events attended are already available on our mobile APP.

Yet more to come:

This first version of the APP, gives to access to most relevant news, events, companies and photos in the EV sector at any time and any place. A second version is already in the making and will integrate the online community, opening the door to convenient interaction with all members, constant access to experts around the world and a wealth of information with real time updates.

We hope you will enjoy the APP as much as we already do, and we will keep you informed about the future release of our Blackberry and Android versions. Do not hesitate to let us know what you think about the APP!



Please hurry with the Android and Blackberry versions. Our company supports **nothing** from Apple! (And, IMHO, while the iPhone is a decent mobile data device, it\'s an **amazingly** poor telehone when used for voice communication. It should have been named the iBrowser or iAppPlatform....anything but the iPhone!!)
added 2011-08-09 20:09:15

Aurelie Messina

The App for Android and Blackberry will be released late December.
added 2011-08-10 10:15:44

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