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Gogoro ignites smart city transformation with launch of world's first smartscooter and battery swapping infrastructure

07 January 2015 | PR Newswire

Gogoro, a company transforming how energy is distributed and managed in megacities, today unveiled the world's first high-performance, zero emissions, two-wheeled electric vehicle, the Gogoro Smartscooter™. The company also announced the Gogoro Energy Network, a battery swapping infrastructure that will enable a more efficient, cleaner and flexible energy future.

"With the world's megacities at a tipping point in population density, pollution fallout and rapid expansion, it is essential that we reimagine the energy infrastructure and create a renewed mindset for change in tomorrow's urban generation," said Horace Luke, co-founder and CEO, Gogoro. "The Smartscooter and Gogoro Energy Network will capture the hearts of the next generation and become a catalyst for more efficient, cleaner, and smarter energy choices in our cities."
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