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Intelligent Battery Management System inside

Intelligent Battery Management System inside

Battery & BMS | EV/PHEV

from BatteryMan Technology

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BatteryMan is the intelligent Battery Manager inside for each battery cell. Sending the cell-level information via current-modulation over the DC power line, it is the leanest and most elegant way to enhance your battery with a Battery Management System (BMS), since our BatteryMan can be located directly inside each battery cell. BatteryMan means a crucially important value-add for battery applications, balancing individual cells and measuring constantly cell temperature, cell voltage and more.


Short signals send the cell-level information by current-modulation over the DC power line. Independent from any battery type, the chip can also transmit customer-specific data, e.g. in a 24 Bit code for label-identification, security codecs and other information. Sensor working range: 9V (typical cell voltage, scalable) Current consumption: < 2 mA Voltage measurement precision: ± 1,5% FSC Temperature measurement precision: ± 1,5% FSC Working temperature range: -40°C .. +125°C Maximum humidity: 95% without water condensation


The cell-integrated BMS Smaller, leaner and being integrated in each battery cell saves space, development time and costs, whether as cell-integration from the production line on or as retrofit version attached on the battery between the terminals. The principle is simple: One cell, one sensor. The full-functionality BMS The intelligent BatteryMan inside provides cell-level information (temperature, voltage, serial number), battery protection with bypass function, cell-balancing and achieves a durability extension. The Plug n' Play BMS BatteryMan means minimal size, complexity and cost at highest reliability and security. From now on every cell you choose, has the BMS already integrated, which saves a lot of development compared to common solutions. The wireless BMS BatteryMan does not need any complex BUS or Master/Slave communication infrastructure and data lines means to the single battery cells as in common ring or star topology. This saves all the complex and unflexible wiring on top of the battery block. The fully compatible BMS BatteryMan provides full compatibility to all interfaces and protocols for further logging and processing of cell data.

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