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Battery Management System

Battery Management System

Battery & BMS | EV/PHEV

from AC Propulsion

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AC Propulsion has developed sophisticated battery management and monitoring systems that extend battery range and operating life. By doing so, AC Propulsion has achieved what multi-million dollar alternative battery research programs have not yet been able to: develop an EV that provides excellent range and performance with affordable batteries.


AC Propulsion assembles each Lithium Ion module using proprietary assembly techniques and battery management technology. Each module sends voltage and temperature information to the management system, which controls for optimal battery operation under driving and charging conditions. Battery data are logged to provide information for analysis and evaluation. Our Li Ion modules are developed specifically for electric vehicles, so they are lighter and less costly than hybrid batteries for the same amount of energy. Combine the high energy of our batteries and the high efficiency of our drive system, and we deliver an excellent range capability.

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