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Battery ECU

Battery ECU

Battery & BMS | EV/PHEV

from DENSO

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"The battery electronic control unit (ECU) detects voltages and current of the main battery in hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) and calculates the main battery’s state of charge (SOC) to: - Maintain an appropriate SOC - Prevent over-charge and over-discharge of the main battery The battery ECU also detects: - Main battery abnormalities - Degree of the main battery deterioration - Accidental electrical connection between the high-voltage part and the body DENSO provides battery ECUs for nickel metal hydride batteries as well as lithium ion batteries.


Benefits and Features - Quick and precise voltage detection: In 2003, DENSO developed a new voltage detection circuit that more quickly and precisely detects voltages than a conventional circuit, while maintaining the insulating property between the high-voltage and low-voltage sides in the battery ECU. Compared to a conventional circuit, DENSO achieved an approximately 50 percent reduction in voltage detection time and voltage detection error. - Small size and light weight: The newly developed voltage detection circuit has a simple structure composed only of switching elements and condensers, significantly reducing the size and weight of the battery ECU."

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