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AC24LS with DMOC445 Drive System

AC24LS with DMOC445 Drive System

Battery & BMS | EV/PHEV

from Azure Dynamics

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Overview The Azure Dynamics AC24LS with DMOC445 Drive System features Azure’s AC24LS motor with an optional AT1200 gearbox with internal differential. This drive system is designed with front wheel compact sedans in mind. Vehicle conversions are fast and easy, because this motor/gearbox assembly will replace the engine and transmission of many compact front wheel drive vehicles. If direct drive or connection to an existing gearbox or transmission is desired, the AC24LS is available without the AT1200 gearbox and with a NEMA C-face.


Applications & Features In battery EV applications, the AC24LS with DMOC445 drives are designed for use in vehicles weighing from 1,000 to 3,500 lbs. The optional gearbox provides an 11:1 or 12:1 overall vehicle drive ratio with differential included. Mating halfshafts are also available. AC24LS Motor - High-efficiency air-cooled AC induction motor - Sealed motor and gearbox casings - Compact, lightweight construction - Low rotating losses and motor electrical resistance

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