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CMT-380 Microturbine Supercar

CMT-380 Microturbine Supercar

Electric Vehicle | EV/PHEV

from Capstone Turbine Company

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The CMT-380 is the world’s first microturbine-powered supercar. This sleek hybrid-electric sports car draws its power from lithium polymer batteries and a Capstone C30 microturbine. The CMT-380 proves that a plug-in hybrid can deliver the driving experience of a high-performance supercar and achieve extremely high fuel economy, reduced greenhouse gas emissions and ultra-clean vehicle emissions. Drive Performance: - 0 – 60 mph in 3.9 seconds - 150 mph top speed (electronically limited) - 80 mile battery range - 500 mile total range


What makes the CMT-380 Supercar unique is its microturbine. The Capstone microturbine is a small gas turbine or miniature jet engine. The electric generator and turbine components are mounted on a single shaft, which is supported by air bearings – so there are never any oil changes. It uses a patented combustion system to achieve extremely low exhaust emissions, and its patented recuperator recycles exhaust energy to get high fuel efficiency.

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