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The California Cars Initiative ( is a Palo Alto-based nonprofit startup of entrepreneurs, engineers, environmentalists and consumers promoting 100+MPG plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs). Somewhat uniquely, we're ourselves are hybrid, focusing both on public policy and technology development, and harnessing buyer demand to help commercialize PHEVs. We're building demand among highly receptive markets to encourage auto makers to produce 100+MPG "no-sacrifices" high-performance, clean hybrid cars.


We built the world's first plug-in Prius using today's technologies and infrastructure. We helped spark a successful campaign to bring PHEVs to market and gain incentives. In 2009, we declared victory as mass production of PHEVs starts with the Chevy Volt, which arrived in November 2010. Now we promote safe, affordable, warrantied conversions of large gas-guzzlers to PHEVs and EVs. A new global industry can convert millions of vehicles long before we see large numbers of new plug-ins.

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