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csNMS - Network Management System

csNMS - Network Management System

Telematics | EV/PHEV

from Critical Software

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The csNMS is a software system that provides optimized Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment network management support tools for companies in the electric mobility industry. The csNMS plays a fundamental role, not only in the Operation and Maintenance of the charging networks, but also in providing insight and flexibility to stakeholders, leveraging relevant independent business value. The csNMS architecture, based on highly proven frameworks, provides a fully scalable, flexible, secure, efficient and open platform, enabling easy adaptation, customization and integration with different charging stations and business management systems on the market or already in use by our customers. ADVANTAGES - Centralized monitoring and control of Electric Vehicle charging stations networks - Flexible and scalable modular system, capable of supporting different business models - Integration with different charging stations, being supplier independent - Integration with other business systems (e.g. billing, CRM, asset and maintenance planning) - Advanced reporting, intelligent alarm management, multilanguage support and visual maps capabilities.


The csNMS is: - Web based - Based on open technologies (JAVA, Web Services, RAP, Equinox and Web 2.0); - Compliant with industry standards; - TMN/FCAPS Model architecture; The csNMS provides: - Real-time monitoring and centralized management of charging stations using user-friendly screens; - Alarm management including SMS/email notification and predefined automatic reaction execution; - Extensive statistics analysis on usage, performance and network planning; - User permissions management;

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