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The MAX 2000™

The MAX 2000™

Battery & BMS | EV/PHEV

from Agile Systems

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The MAX 2000™ integrates multi-axis motion control with high performance servo amplifiers in a compact, easy to use, cost-effective package. Our product enables machine designs and automation systems to stand out in the market by maximizing performance and reliability while minimizing space and cost. The MAX 2000™ was designed with direct drive technology in mind: a combination of high bandwidth electronics for high-resolution encoders and a robust compensator for increase system performance. The compact size of today's direct drive motors goes hand in hand with the compact size and capabilities of the MAX 2000™ platform.


Features - S-curve and trapezoidal profiles - Data logging - Position capture - 1/t Velocity control - Jogging - 3 axes of DSP based motion control - PID with velocity, acceleration & jerk feed forward - 4kHz position - 20kHz current loop - Support for all types of brushed and brushless servo motors - 3 high-current brake outputs - Communication via RS-232 - Small form factor for placement in tight spaces or next to motors Benefits - Reduction in cabling up to 50% - Increased reliability - Decreased cabling cost - Remote processing - Off load host processor - Increases performance - Common interface for all types of motors

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