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Leyden 42V 1.7kWh Li-Ion Battery Pack

Leyden 42V 1.7kWh Li-Ion Battery Pack

Battery & BMS | EV/PHEV

from Leyden Energy

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Leyden Energy's high power battery pack is built using their cutting edge patented High Temperature cells utilizing a highly stable Lithium Imide chemical design. The 42V Li-Ion pack has 1.7kW capacity with a cycle life up to 700 charge/discharge cycles and a 3 year calendar life. It can be recharged in 3 hours at 40A and operated in environments with temperatures ranging from -20°C to 60°C and relative humidity levels up to 95%. The pack has overheat protection including 12 temperature sensors strategically located in the pack monitor and built-in PTC for over current protection, in addition to overload and short circuit protection. The battery pack is ideal for electric vehicles and renewable energy management systems and is currently in production


Leyden's 1.7kWh has an innovative 48V Battery Management System (BMS) that is capable off: Communication: - SMBUS, CANBUS, RS485 Protection: - Over voltage - Under voltage - Short circuit - Over current - Temp-over/under Cell Balancing: - Active to 10mv per cell 500 MA capable (upgradeable)

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