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Battery & BMS | EV/PHEV

from DPS

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Currently, DPS is offering first and second generations of UBM products for the market. Our scalable solutions support a wide variety of vehicles sizes ranging from scooters and motorcycles to electric cars and buses.


UBM5024 Specification: Type: Lithium-NCM Polymer battery UBM Specification: 50Ah/24V UBM Dimension (L x W x H): 241mm x 150mm x 235mm UBM Weight: 12.5kg UBM capacity: 50Ah UBM nominal voltage: 26V UBM operating voltage: 19.25V ~ 29.75V Cell Discharge Temp.: -20C ~ 60C Cell Charge Temp.: 0C ~ 45C UBM Energy Density: 104Wh/kg, 153Wh/L @ 25C UBM Power Density(10s): 520W/kg, 765W/L @ 25C UBM Internal Impedance (DC): 7mΩ (charge), 2.8mΩ (discharge) UBM Round trip efficiency: 90% ~ 95% UBM Cycle Life (80%Capacity, 100%DOD): >1000 Charge : 0.5C, 4.2V, 3hrs or 0.05C Discharge : 0.5C, 3.0V cut-off UBM Charge rate: 0.5C (normal), 1.0C (max) UBM Peak discharge current(10S): 250A (5C rate) Thermal management: liquid or heat sink

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