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SunTree® is a new concept of street furniture developed and made in France by Solarquest. Thanks to its main functions, the SunTree® allows: - To offer a charging service for electric cars and consequently to contribute both to the development of zero emission cars and new mobility forms. It also offers a RFID option . - To enhance your city landscape thanks to an innovative and attractive product, that can support several services not only for the administrator but also for the user. - To shelter the vehicles on your parking - To produce a local and solar energy in order to promote the use of renewable energies in the best conditions. It is a high added value product for urban planning: •A design, elegant and enhancive product •A visible urban furniture with a highly descriptive power •A strong personality brand image vector You can discover the whole range of Suntree® on our website: Contact: +33 442 19 81 80


Initially fit out with a “normal charging” outlet type, it can easily evolve towards new technologies. The safety is provided at each step of the charging by allowwing access to the outlet only to the authorized people and by forbidding handling during charging. Its RFID system allows the SunTree® to communicate with a computing database for: •A serene and organized management of the outlet access rights •The possibility to chose the charging service conditions ( free or not/ opened or restrictive) •The consumption information centralization that offers the possibility to use a “smart-grid” network.

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